Monday, November 11, 2013

Family Photos

family photos this year come to you courtesy of an afternoon with friends. took off into the mountains one afternoon, holly and jay took pictures, and we took pictures, and these are they.




this is maggie. she joined our family this october. she came one month early, and we were very happy to see her. she is a champion snuggler.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

my baby's all grown up...and saving china

i have this friend getting married.
and her blonde streak is phenomenal.
she is not really saving china, that mulan quote just keeps coming to mind.
she was my "baby", colloquially speaking.
it means i trained her during her first few months of an lds mission.
and she is one of five sessions being edited right now.
apologies to the other four families still waiting.
i can only sit at a computer for ten minutes at a time before this baby in my belly demands we move on.

her favorite color is orange, so i couldn't resist when this light came along. 

Thursday, May 9, 2013

in betweens

i have this friend who said you dont watch a dancer for how high her leg kicks. what makes her great is how she does the stuff in-between movements. my paraphrase is not quite so eloquent as her original statement, but i whole heartedly agree, and was inspired. so thats what we did... take pictures of her in-betweens which are indeed magnificent. 


it must be said, have you ever met a cooler head scarf than this? i think not.