Tuesday, September 28, 2010

just what the doctor ordered

After a really, really, long week this is just what my heart needed... a chance to say something its own way. This learning and growing experience with photography is unique for me in the sense that I have no mentor or teacher telling me what to do. A number of incredibly talented women have indirectly affected my learning with their work though, and one thing I hear from them is to shoot with your heart. I am still, and will most likely continue forever, trying to figure out what that is.

So this week I grabbed a beautiful, just returned from round two of living in Europe, friend and let me heart do the talking. These are what it said. It helped that I was in the mountains. There's something about those mountains, I can see everything clearly when I'm breathing the air that is wild.*

IMG_8527 IMG_8497
IMG_8253 copy IMG_8337 copy
IMG_8428 copyIMG_8295 IMG_8501 IMG_8531

*bonus points if you know that song :)