Tuesday, June 26, 2012

my pretty family

this is my little sister and her (need i say adorable) baby, and my older sister too. everyone says their niece is the cutest and its true for everyone. but i can say, my niece drools more than any of yours, and its true! check out the drool pic. that's what she looks like everyday.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

purple pants

kara is such a beautiful dancer, and so artistic i just couldn't help take crazy blurry pictures of her of those in between moments of dance. those are some of my favorites. the moments between turns and tilts, and she does them so well!



though unplanned, we apparently went on a purple craze with kara. doesn't she have the most beautiful dancer legs!


vintage inspired


Isn't this dress so retro its fantastic!

This classic ballerina style wrap, braided hair, and red lips inspired a glamorously old movie star feel to the photos. I'm an old fashioned kind of girl, so I couldn't help myself. 


Dancing in the streets!